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Who has seen this post on Facebook or something similar to it? I have warnings on my page dating back to 2017 for this post. This has been circulating for a long time and people keep falling for it.

Thanks for the tip to circumvent Facebook… Works!! I have a whole new profile. I see posts from people I didn’t see anymore. Facebook’s new algorithm picks the same people – around 25-who will see your posts. Hold your finger anywhere in this post and click ” copy “. Go to your page where it says, “What’s on your mind?” Tap your finger anywhere in the empty field. Click paste. This is going to circumvent the system Hello new and old friends! Drop a single hello, thanks……….

Did you copy and paste? If so, you need to continue reading to see how you have just compromised your information and the information of your “friends” on Facebook.

If you cut and then paste anything (NEVER copy and paste and post) from one person’s page into yours, you expose yourself AND your friends to:

– Identity theft – Marketers (scammers) buy and sell your information.

– Hacked Accounts – anyone can use your info to create a duplicate profile and impersonate you across social media. How much info could someone posing as “you” get from your friends/family?

– Data Mining – i.e. your pics — your CHILDREN’S pictures, your friend lists. Hello? Pedophiles? Welcome to our family photos for your private collection or trading with others.

Why would someone ask you to cut and paste?

Because hidden code is embedded and is activated by pasting on your page. Best practices for sharing someone’s post on Facebook is to “share” it to your page.

Check Facebook’s suggestion for how to share. Snopes has addressed this issue from this post back in 2018 Snopes

Let’s be smart! What kind of degrees do you think the writers of algorithms for Facebook have? Do you really think a Facebook algorithm can be “tricked” with a copy and paste trick? Let’s be smart moving forward. If you have posted this, I implore you, GO delete the post (stop perpetuating false info) and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!