July 1st 1976 was the last time I took a paycheck from anyone. In my lifetime, I have been an entrepreneur and have been involved with no less than ten businesses ranging from an event company, wholesaling “plush” (stuffed animals), a weekly newspaper, printing company, an internet company, as well as a two real estate companies and two insurance agencies. I’ve had a couple crash and burn; some I did OK and I’ve had two home-runs.

After the sale of my last insurance agency I thought I would retire and just take it easy, but my phone kept ringing. The reason?  My colleagues know that I know the importance of a strategic marketing plan and that I know consistently harvesting new clients or customers is the lifeblood of any business.

Your business plan must have a well thought out marketing plan that will develop a consistent flow of new leads to grow your business. We can help you build a plan and provide quantifiable results.

I have assembled a group of knowledgeable partners who understand branding, marketing, and the use of social media to develop an endless flow of new customers and clients for your unique business.

Christopher P. Kazor

President and COO